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Jeremy Strickl;and


It is my pleasure to continue serving the students, their parents, and the Trenton community as the superintendent of Trenton ISD. Having served the district at all three campuses in the roles of teacher, coach, and principal since 2010, I know the level of success we are accustomed to in Trenton ISD.

Trenton ISD is a fast growing district located in Southwest Fannin County and our district also extends into Collin and Grayson counties. The district is approximately 46 square miles, with our current enrollment at approximately 690 students. Trenton ISD has the U.I.L. classification of 2A, and we pride ourselves on having a family environment for our students and staff.

Every campus in Trenton ISD is filled with amazing adults that have a passion and purpose for guiding students to personal success. From our dedicated auxiliary staff, to our knowledgeable educators, Trenton ISD strives to provide every student with the best educational experience in the area. I am confident that with everyone working together, Trenton ISD will continue our strong tradition of excellence in every classroom, on every stage, in every gym, at every show, and on every field.

Trenton ISD’s mission states that “ Trenton ISD acknowledges that students are individuals who learn in different ways, at different times, and at different rates. As we partner with families and the community, it is our responsibility to take these students at their points of development and advance them to their highest potential in an orderly, safe, positive climate conducive to teaching and learning.”

As Superintendent, I embrace this mission and will do everything within my power to make this a reality for each and every student we are blessed to serve.


Jeremy Strickland


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